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Below you will find a few of our most commonly asked questions and the answers we provided.#


Q: Should I blog often?

A: Yes! Absolutely, blogging is one of the most important things when your trying to get your brand out there. Millions of people read blogs everyday, so why would you miss out on that HUGE market? It is a great way to get noticed and generate some brand recognition. However, there is no point setting your self up to fail. If you go to work or run a business (live in the real world) then it can be often hard to find the time to write meaningful content. That is why we would recommend starting of posting maybe 2 times a week just to get going because writing 5 blogs a week straight away can lead to stress and poor content, which no one wants.

Q: How should i balance my posts during a social media campaign?

A: Generally, we would recommend that you post more regularly about your industry rather than your products as constant sales pitches can get annoying and can sometimes lead to bad publicity. A good place to start is 20/80; 20% products and 80% industry, this includes information from respected and trusted sources based in your industry. Posting tweets that are education, helpful or just entertaining to people in your industry is a great way to build a rep and leads.

Q: Who is our ideal customer?

A: To answer this question, review the customers that have bought in the past. Look for the characteristics that identify a likely customer.  Log them, so you can remember them.  Then keep your eyes and ears open for customers that match that profile. Once the ideal customer is established then it will be much easier for you to reach your target audience and launch a successful campaign.

Q: How do we stand out in a crowded industry?

A: Good question, its not easy but it can be done. First of all you would need to research your top competitors and see how they market there products and what they specifically advertise. This shows you what they are confident in and also maybe a area where they are lacking. Once you have taken note of these things then its time to focus on yourself, what are you good at and what do you struggle with? Always put your best foot forward, take what you are good at and push that. Show that you are experts in that area and have access to all the information the customers would need. It is also good to work on the things that could use improvement because it better to provide a well rounded service. This does not mean be equal at everything, always push what you are good at and you should be fine.